The colors of childhood

One day, I went to a toy store to choose a present for my niece. Instinctively, I approached a shelf filled with pink toys – after all, pink is for girls, right? Then, my eyes landed on two sets hanging next to each other, both in pink – a cleaning set and a princess dress-up set. Is this an attempt to raise the perfect wife – a cleaner by day, a princess by night? It struck me, so I decided to check the boys' section. There, I found a toy bulletproof vest with a set of grenades, along with several sets of blue weapons. Is this how we raise soldiers? What's the deal with these toys? And these colors? Colors in which societal roles are encoded. But what if we were to reverse it all, mix it up, eliminate the division between toys for boys and toys for girls? What if the colors of childhood ceased to matter? What kind of adults would emerge from that?

The work consists of 15 Instax photos, out of which 9 have been manipulated.