"Privacy" is a video installation that addresses the issue of capitalist surveillance, drawing attention to its operations and practices. It demonstrates how large corporations profit from selling our privacy and also raises concerns about the use of behavior modification techniques based on our data.

"Surveillance/surveillance capitalism, noun (...)
– A new economic order that recognizes human experience as a free resource for the hidden practices of mining, forecasting, and selling.

S. Zuboff, Age of surveillance capitalism

- The personification of capitalist surveillance: A goddess whose symbol is both green and darkness. She lacks eyes, for she sees through the eyes of all. Her image appears in films as signal disruptions (a momentary glitch reveals the mask, exposing the true forces behind the watched content). She also manifests as a portrait hanging above the door, replacing the customary crucifix. It is she who watches over the machinery of capitalist surveillance depicted as a circle.

The installation is divided into two zones

The Zone of Surveillance

The Feedback Zone

The part of the installation depicting the data collection process showcases the collection of our images, voices, browser searches, messages, and emails. One of the screens also displays a live feed from a room, transmitted from a hidden camera behind an image depicting an eye – one of the minions of Vigilarii.

In this part, targeted advertisements based on the data collected in the Zone of Surveillance are displayed. The creation of these ads involves the use of AI (artificial intelligence), highlighting the mechanization of the content creation process aimed at modifying our future behaviors.