An anomaly in the multiverse

You have just finished a video call while sipping coffee against the backdrop of a spaceship generated by artificial intelligence. Now, you're checking social media to see what's happening with your friends and how many hearts your new Instagram photo has gathered. In the process, you come across a sponsored post – no, not the one promoting fish-shaped slippers, but a post promoting an online exhibition where you'll spend the next 30 minutes of your life.

If you can somewhat identify with this text, perhaps you've already asked yourself – how much has our lives shifted to the online realm? We learn remotely, work remotely, and even spend our free time remotely. In a way, we live in two realities simultaneously, creating a sort of multiverse. However, this multiverse has an anomaly, as our realities intertwine instead of functioning independently, causing chaos. And maybe waiting like a fool for the link to a live meeting you didn't grasp isn't the most serious consequence of this chaos. But think about someone who has already paid $450,000 for a virtual villa to become Snoop Dogg's neighbor in the metaverse.

It's obvious that we exist in at least two realities. However, how many realities exist in total? What do they look like? Are they similar or completely different? Does our world still make sense? Do you also feel lost?