Films edited for
Montownia Group
(editing only)

Josera x Kakadu | 2022

Competition promo.

AGROBEX | 2021

Presentation of the Kleszczewo Park investment.

V.A Gallery | 2020

Summary of the gallery's year.

Films in the style of commercials that are part of the artistic installation "PRIVACY."

3D Workshop | 2023

Advertising of an imaginary website.

Make My Music | 2023

Advertisement of an imaginary phone application.

UnWasted | 2023

Advertisement of an imaginary food scanner.

Braylaw | 2023

An advertisement for an imaginary electric guitar.


National Museum in Poznań | 2022

Video on social media promoting the macramé weaving workshop.

YES Gallery | 2023

Animated poster announcing the exhibition "From idea to industry".

Popatrz Szerzej School
| 2023

Advertisement for a new private primary school.